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Abrere Sophie Kozolan

Major: Information systems Certificates: Network Administration & Web development

Expected Graduation Year: 2017


When I transferred from Montgomery College to UMBC, I thought I would have a hard time adapting with everything but at the CWIT retreat I met great people who shared their experiences and gave me some advice. The advice they gave has been helping me throughout my classes. CWIT is about empowering, supporting, and sharing with each other. I love UMBC because of its diverse community and also the countless opportunities that it offers. Last summer, I had a research opportunity at the University of Pittsburgh ( iSchool Inclusion Institute), and I have been at the Grace Hopper Conference through CWIT where I got my internship for next summer. Apart from class work, I am the president of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Baltimore chapter, and I will be going to the STRiVE leadership program during Spring break. Being a T-SITE has been an honor, it taught me a lot about myself, and helped me get out of my comfort Zone. All these opportunities have contributed in building my communication, and also leadership skills. After I graduate, I would love to continue with graduate school. I was given the chance to visit the University of Florida and Columbia University to learn more about their graduate school. My experience at UMBC and in CWIT has just been amazing and life changing. I am really grateful.