CWIT Treasure Chest

The CWIT Treasure Chest is a prize-based program where you earn points for attending CWIT events and participating in different initiatives. These points will be counted up at the end of each semester and redeemable for different prizes. Check out below for more information on how to earn points and what prizes you could redeem them for at the end of the semester!

Earning Points

25 Points

  • Fill out event/feedback surveys
  • Apply to be a CWIT Lead (Spring only)
  • Apply to be a CWIT Peer Mentor (Spring only)

50 Points

  • Serve on a CWIT Committee (Cyber 101, BEST of CWIT, Bits & Bytes, etc.)
  • Attend a CWIT-sponsored conference
  • Serve as a CWIT Peer Mentor (Fall only)

100 Points

  • CWIT Impact Workshops
  • CWIT Community Listening Circles
  • CWIT Academic Success Workshops
  • CWIT Trivia Nights or other game nights
  • StressBusters
  • CWIT Director’s Office Hours
  • Cyber Socials/Workshops
  • Any CWIT Student Council Event
  • Any CWIT Escape Room
  • Welcome Back Socials ****
  • Pick Your Classes ****
  • Affiliates Family Meetings ****
  • Affiliates Retreat ****
  • Fall Career Networking ****
  • Spring Into Leadership ****
Events denoted **** means only Affiliates can earn points for these events, as they are either required for Scholars or are directly for the Affiliates Program

Redeeming Points

CWIT Fan (500 to 749 points)

  • CWT Power Bank OR
  • CWT Sticker/Magnet/Button Set

CWIT All-Star (750 to 999 points)

  • CWIT Black Tumbler OR
  • CWIT Gold Water Bottle

CWIT VIP (1,000 to 1,249 points)

  • CWIT Sweatshirt OR
  • CWIT Baseball Hat

CWIT Hall of Fame (1,250+ points)

  • CWIT Wireless Charger/Bluetooth Speaker AND
  • Your choice of an item from any other category

At the end of each semester, you will be contacted by the CWIT Team to choose which prize you would like to redeem with your points. All prizes will be picked up from the main CWIT Office (ITE 452).