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What is CWIT Extravaganza?

CWIT Extravaganza is a new event co-hosted by the CWIT Student Council and the CWIT Affiliates Programs. This day-long event will be an opportunity for our CWIT community to come together and showcase our awesome skills, hobbies, talents, and passions. Additionally, we will have a few sessions focused on community building and relaxation, a raffle, and other exciting surprises!

When is CWIT Extravaganza?

CWIT Extravaganza will be held on December 17th, 2020, which is the day after finals end. The morning sessions will take place from 10AM – 1PM, and the evening session will take place from 4PM – 7PM. During the three hour break between sessions, we will be hosting community bonding activities for those interested, including a movie viewing, online games and competitions, and more. Additionally, during the morning and evening sessions, you will have the opportunity to choose from sessions during each time slot.

I’m ready to show off my talent! Where do I sign up?

The link to host a session is here.

Some important dates for anyone interested in hosting a session:

I want to present, but I’m not sure what kind of sessions are applicable. 

That’s okay! We’ve created some fun session ideas that will help get your brain rolling. The session possibilities are limitless…if you have any ideas you want to run by us first, find our contact info at the bottom of this page!

I’m so excited! When will the finalized schedule be up?

We are so glad that you are just as excited as we are! The finalized schedule will be on this website by December 1st, which will give you plenty of time to figure out which sessions you plan on attending. The schedule will also be available on myUMBC and emailed out as well once it’s finalized.

I have so many questions! Who should I contact?

Lucky you! You have your choice of three people that you can contact with your questions…any of us will be happy to help!

Frances Watson, CWIT Student Council

Kavya Kavanakudy, CWIT Student Council Vice

Kate O’Keefe, CWIT Assistant