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IMPACT Workshop Series


Join experts in their field in an engaging series open to all UMBC students, faculty and staff as we create opportunities to increase knowledge, self-reflect, and inspire action!

*  CWIT 2017 Workshop Series  *  All Workshops are from 12:00 -12:50 pm in ITE 456  *

Diversity Issues in Technology: The Facts, Issues, and Possibilities…

Presented by Dr. Danyelle Ireland


This workshop provides an overview of the status of women and people from underrepresented racial-ethnic minority groups in technology fields (computing and engineering) at UMBC and in the United States more broadly. Dr. Ireland will lead an interactive discussion on issues concerning diversity and inclusion in tech as well as the opportunities for broadening participation in tech. Additionally, Dr. Ireland will share insights from psychological research on social identity, motivation, and achievement among underrepresented students in STEM. Workshop attendees are invited to contribute their perspectives and experiences on these topics as members or allies of underrepresented groups in technology fields.

Stereotype Threat and Impostor Syndrome

Presented by Dr. Katie Gibson


You’re probably wondering “What is the Impostor Syndrome?” The Impostor Syndrome is when you feel like an impostor — that your accomplishments are caused by luck, rather than hard work; that you are simply fooling everyone around you into thinking you are smarter than you are; or that no matter how hard you work, it will never be good enough. Unfortunately, these are really common problems, especially in difficult fields like engineering — fortunately, you’re not alone! You’ll take a short quiz to identify your “worst” area, and then we’ll discuss together how to overcome these problems.

Stress Management


Learn how stress affects muscle tension and sleep and discover some techniques for combating these specific effects of stress.

Preparing for Graduate School: Making a Game Plan

Presented by Dr. Marie desJardins


Dr. Marie desJardins, Professor in CSEE and COEIT Associate Dean, will run this hands-on workshop to help students plan ahead for graduate school applications. Dr. desJardins will share information and insights about how to successfully apply to M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Participants will then engage in a series of exercises designed to develop a concrete strategy to get ready for the application process. Since it is never too early to start thinking about graduate school, students from all majors and at all levels (from freshman through senior) are encouraged to attend. If you are not certain whether graduate school is for you, this workshop will help you learn how to make the decision about whether and when to pursue a graduate degree.

Grace Hopper Celebration

Presented by Avery Riehl and Conference Participants


Every year, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) brings together over 15,000 women and allies to discuss technology careers and research. Specifically highlighting the needs and accomplishments of women and other tech minorities, GHC is an annual opportunity to network with employers, to find community outside of UMBC, and to learn more about our field. CWIT’s scholarship allows dozens of UMBC students to experience GHC for free! Come join us to learn more about the conference and our scholarship process!

The STEM Pipeline and Giving Back

Presented by Dr. Jamie Gurganus


So you’re college student and just thriving and embracing your new exciting adventure. That’s awesome! However, think back to how you got here. Who was that person who motivated you? What was the program, activity, or even camp that really made you want to be in the STEM field? In this session, Professor Gurganus, from the Mechanical Engineering Department, will help you unleash the power to bring change to people’s lives through giving back.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Presented by Dr. April Householder


This workshop will introduce students to the opportunities available to UMBC undergraduates for conducting, funding, publishing, and presenting their research or creative work. Students will learn about Undergraduate Research Awards (URA), Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD), The UMBC Review, Travel Awards, Finding Summer Research Opportunities, and applying to Nationally Competitive Scholarships. The talk will also cover how to identify potential mentors, how to get started in research, and how to navigate the UR website.

Spring 2017 IMPACT Workshop Series


Gender Microaggressions in the Classroom: Naming Our Experiences

Presented by Jess Myers and Amelia Meman, Women’s Center UMBC


Find out how gender microaggressions impact individuals and the greater community and learn strategies for interrupting and addressing them in your spheres of influence. We’ll specifically focus on microaggressions in the classroom and dig deeper into what this means for as women and allies majoring in ITE.

Curating Your Digital Image #ThinkBigDiversity

Presented by Dr. Renetta Tull


Details coming soon!

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Presented by UMBC’s Counseling Center


Details coming soon!

Finding Your True Colors Leadership Style

Presented by Kaleigh Mrowka, Residential Life at UMBC


One of the most important components of being a good leader is knowing yourself and your strengths. This interactive and fun workshop will help you to reflect on the ways which your personality impacts your leadership motivations, actions, and approaches to communication. Upon leaving the workshop, participants will be able to name their primary and secondary “true color” leadership style and describe how that leadership style influences their leadership individually as well as in a group setting.

Women in Engineering: Confidence & Persistence

Presented by Dr. Jamie Gurganus


Why Stay? What’s even the point? You at one point may doubt continuing in your STEM degree. So, here’s the dirty little secret, you’re normal. Congratulations! That’s right. So, now what? In this session, Professor Gurganus will spend time engaging you on the reason you’re pursuing your degree in STEM degree and the power of belief. Trusting in yourself and the bigger purpose will let you conquer any obstacle and move any mountain.

Applying for the Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship

Presented by Erica D’Eramo, CWIT


Do you want to join the world’s largest gathering of women technology at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in Houston, Texas from September 26-28? During this workshop, attendees will learn about CWIT’s sponsorship opportunity and start their application process for funding to attend GHC. This celebration is a great opportunity to connect with other women in computing and innovative organizations, hear stories from peers and experts, and get quality career advice specific to your needs

Allies in CWIT: Creating Change in COEIT

Presented by Allies in CWIT Group Members


Details coming soon!