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Kavya Kavanakudy

Kavya Kavanakudy
CWIT Scholar, C16

Majors: Computer Science and Psychology
Expected Graduation Year: 2021

I’m not really good at making decisions. I came into college wanting to be a double major with another minor and maybe a certificate, who knows. But over the course of my time here and abroad. I’ve learned that its okay to not know what’s going on, and to take things one thing at a time. Now I’m a Computer Science Major with a minor in Psychology. What am I going to do with this you may ask? I have no idea. That’s why I picked Computer Science as my major. You can literally take it anywhere! Name any company and they probably have a spot for someone with a computer science background.

I am so thankful for CWIT for giving me the support system I needed to feel okay about being unsure. From encouraging me to participate in planning CWIT events, to helping me study abroad in Australia, to our 1 on 1 meetings, CWIT has always been there to push me through any and all barriers I’ve faced during my college career. I may still be an indecisive person, but through Cwit, I’ve ;earned that its okay and how to handle it in the future.