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Student Leadership

Congratulations to the Scholars and Affiliates who have been selected to lead CWIT’s program to the next level of success for the 2020-2021 academic year!

  • Recruitment and K-12 Engagement Co-Leads

    • Mariela Guardado-Martinelli (Y5) Computer Science (Fall 2020)

    • Molly Zwack (Affiliate) Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2020)

    • Emily Wang
  • Cyber Co-Leads

    • Katy Leatherwood (Y7) Computer Science

    • Brianna Turgott (Y7) Computer Science

  • BEST of CWIT Lead

    • Maddy Selby (C16) Mechanical Engineering

  • Escape Room Program Lead

    • Olivia Bailey (C16) Mechanical Engineering

  • FYE Peer Facilitators

    • Olivia Bailey (C16) Mechanical Engineering

    • Chizaram Ugboh (C18) Mechanical Engineering

    • Kavya Kavanakudy (C16) Computer Science

  • CWIT Living Learning Community Resident Assistant

    • Colin Vieson (Y6) Computer Science

  • CWIT Student Council

    • President – Frances Watson (C16) Computer Science

    • Vice President – Kavya Kavanakudy (C16) Computer Science

    • Secretary – Cindy Quach (C18) Computer Engineering

    • Treasurer – Ouriel Ndalamba (C18) Chemical Engineering

    • CWIT Affiliate Representative – Elizabeth Stiller (Affiliate) Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2020)

    • Historian – Shaniah Reece (C18) Mechanical Engineering

    • Freshman Representative – Yumi Yee (C19) Computer Science

    • Transfer Student Representative- Sarah Nakhon (Affiliate) Computer Science

Applications for the 2021-2022 Leads Positions are now open!

Learn more about each position, deadline to apply, and application link in the following document.

Apply Here

Deadline: April 9, 2021

2020-2021 CWIT Leadership Positions

If you have questions about any of these opportunities please contact Erica D’Eramo ( or Cindy Greenwood (!