Student Leadership

Congratulations to the Scholars and Affiliates who have been selected to lead CWIT’s program to the next level of success for the 2021-2022 academic year!

  • Allies in CWIT Co-Leads
    • Avi Glassman, CWIT Affiliate
    • Franco Maxey, Cyber Scholar
  • Recruitment and K-12 Engagement Co-Leads
    • Emily Wang, CWIT Scholar
    • Lakshmi Varanasi, Cyber Scholar
  • Cyber Co-Leads
    • Brianna Turgott, Cyber Scholar
    • Coby Ziv, Cyber Scholar
  • BEST of CWIT Lead
    • Laura McAllister, CWIT Scholar
  • Escape Room Program Lead
    • Danielle Rhoten, CWIT Scholar
  • FYE Peer Facilitators
    • Amina El-Ashry, CWIT Scholar
    • Mariah Qureshi, CWIT Scholar
    • Maura Choudhary, CWIT Scholar
    • Sandrea Nyivih, Cyber Scholar
  • CWIT Living Learning Community Resident Assistant
    • Mei Vader, CWIT Scholar
  • CWIT Student Council
    • President – Mariah Qureshi, CWIT Scholar
    • Vice President – Cindy Quach, CWIT Scholar
    • Secretary – Ruthann Dolinka, CWIT Affiliate
    • Treasurer – Ouriel Ndalamba, CWIT Scholar
    • CWIT Affiliate Representative – Shuze Artola, CWIT Affiliate
    • Social Media Co-Chair – Toni Olafunmiloye, CWIT Affiliate
    • Social Media Co-Chair – Keonte Wilson-Robinson, T-SITE Scholar
    • Freshman Representative – Coming Fall 2021
    • Transfer Student Representative – Coming Fall 2021


Applications for the 2021-2022 Leads Positions have closed.

If you have questions about any of these opportunities please contact Erica D’Eramo ( or Cindy Greenwood (!