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Emily Yu

Emily Yu Major: Computer Science Minor(s): Creative Writing

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

CWIT Scholar, C14

As early as 7 years old, I was always found with a notebook and pen in hand. As I grew older, I was happily invested in web design and programming. I recognized that Computer Science and Creative Writing go surprisingly hand-in-hand together. They both involve intricately piecing together small parts of a larger puzzle in order to convey a message or build an application, that can ultimately be shared with the world. Through CWIT I’m fortunate to have been able to meet some of my closest friends, improve my networking skills, further develop my confidence, and truly step outside of my comfort zone. So far, I’ve been a research assistant for the Department of Information Systems, and as a software development intern for Lockheed Martin. I’m undoubtedly excited to see how the rest of my college career plays out!