Scholars participate in three types of mentoring programs: Faculty Mentoring, Peer Mentoring and Industry Mentoring.

Faculty Mentors:

Every Scholar is matched with a faculty member who is teaching in the Scholar’s intended major. The Faculty Mentor Luncheon is a time to dine and chat about how classes are going and how to prepare for the semester. Students and Mentors are encouraged to meet once a month which is very useful when Scholars are planning their courses for the next semester, are searching for research opportunities, or want to learn about their Faculty Mentor’s undergraduate experience. Are you interested in being a Faculty Mentor? Please email Erica D’Eramo at

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Faculty Mentors!

Dr. Adam Bargteil
Dr. Anupam Joshi
Mr. Bill Ryan
Dr. Carolyn Seaman
Dr. Chenchen Liu
Dr. Chris Hennigan
Dr. Chris Marron
Dr. Chuck LaBerge
Dr. Deepa Madan
Dr. Don Engel
Dr. Frank Ferraro
Dr. Jamie Gurganus
Dr. Marc Olano
Dr. Maria Sanchez
Dr. Naghmeh Karimi
Dr. Neha Raikar
Dr. Roberto Yus
Dr. Sanorita Dey
Dr. Tim Finin

Peer Mentors:

New scholars and affiliates entering our community in a major in the College of Engineering and Information Technology can request a peer mentor in their major. Returning students are encouraged to apply to be a mentor to a new freshman or transfer student. Reach out to Morgan Lovell at to learn more!

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Peer Mentors!

Ariana Pray
Beamlak Bekele
Britney Castle
Catherine Wraback
Charlotte Petrilla
Chelsea Mikal
Christina Dao
Claire Kim
Daniel Bajulaiye
Danielle Rhoten
Deborah Miller
Jahir Bakari
Lauren Hayden
Leah Prince
Manav Bhatt
Mary Cimmerer
Nadja Franklin
Nia Bryant
Olapeju Otusajo
Ouriel Ndalamba
Rayn Hussie
Sabrina Rodriguez
Sisi Serio
Wendy Bickersteth
Zobia Khan

Industry Mentors:

As student progress through their major, gain internship experiences and are planning for their futures, they will enroll in the Industry Mentoring Practicum (approximately junior year). Students navigate career pathways, strengths, workplace culture, and navigating the job offer. The greatest element of the practicum is the matching of Scholars with individuals who volunteer their time and expertise as Industry Mentors. Scholar and Industry Mentors meet once a month and discuss course topics, professional experiences, review resumes and provide advice for career plans.

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Industry Mentors!

Alec Pulianas, Microsoft
Barbara Harper, b. well Connected Health
Bruce Okoshoya, Northrop Grumman
Caroline DiSoco, Salesforce
Emily Brown, JHU/APL
Greg Welsh, T. Rowe Price
Greg Wessel, Misi, KBR, CybernetIQ and CTG Federal
Joan Worthington, HireVue, Inc.
Judy Johnson, EITR Technologies
Karen Foote, T. Rowe Price
Kijafa Saunders, BigBear ai
Kimberly Davis, CMS
Lauren Zavala, Northrop Grumman
Lilian Johnson, NIST
Luther Petry, T. Rowe Price
Matthew Seligman, NSA
Morgan Mango, JHU/APL
Nathan Cline, Northrop Grumman
Rithy Chhay, Sentinel Solutions, LLC
Riya Gandhi, Hughes Network Systems
Robyn De Wees, O Line Coaching & Consulting
Rose Carignan, Microsoft
Summer Womack, InVision
Tim Burke, CNN
Tina Coleman, Skogul, Inc.
Zozscha Bomhardt, GE Healthcare

If you are interested in becoming an Industry Mentor please sign up here.