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Scholars participate in three types of mentoring programs: Faculty Mentoring, Peer Mentoring and Industry Mentoring.

Faculty Mentors

Every Scholar is matched with a faculty member who is teaching in the Scholar’s intended major. The Faculty Mentor Luncheon is a time to dine and chat about how classes are going and how to prepare for the semester. Students and Mentors are encouraged to meet once a month which is very useful when Scholars are planning their courses for the next semester, are search for research opportunities, or want to learn about their Faculty Mentor’s undergraduate experience.

Thank you to our 2017 Faculty Mentors!
Dr. Anupam Joshi
Dr. Carolyn Seaman
Dr. Chris Marron
Dr. Chuck LaBerge
Dr. Deepa Madan
Dr. Erin Lavik
Dr. George Karabatis
Dr. Janet Rutledge
Dr. Kaurna Joshi
Dr. Katie Gibson
Dr. Marie desJardins
Dr. Naghmeh Karimi
Dr. Nilanjan Banerjee
Dr. Penny Rheingans
Dr. Renetta Tull

Peer Mentors: Big WITs and Lil WITs

Older Scholars are matched with new Scholars during the summer before students arrive on campus. This is a great way to learn more about your major, life on campus, what to expect in classes, and ways to get involved. Additionally, students form life long friendship that go beyond the walls of UMBC.

Thank you to our 2017 Big WITs!
Abrere Sophie Kozolan
Alli Warner
Avery Riehl
Beth Wolinksi
Danielle Zack
Grace Tarnosky
Hannah Russell
Katie Dillon
Kristin McLaughlin
Lauren Loftus
Meera Patel
Michael Beyers
Priyanka Ranade
Riya Ghandi
Sam Mendimasa
Sami Turskey
Sara Masoudi
Sarah Heiner
Scott Bohon
Steph Saloka
Victoria Herr

Industry Mentors

As student progress through their major, gain internship experiences and are planning for their futures, they will enroll in the Industry Mentoring Practicum (approximately junior year). Students navigate career pathways, strengths, workplace culture, and navigating the job offer. The greatest element of the practicum is the matching of Scholars with individuals who volunteer their time and expertise as Industry Mentors. Scholar and Industry Mentors meet once a month and discuss course topics, professional experiences, review resumes and provide advice for career plans.

Thank you to our 2017 Industry Mentors!

Ms. Ronni McTier, ICF
Mr. Michael Rahimi, Coalfire
Mr. Rithy Chhay, Sentinel Solutions, LLC
Mr. Michael Smolyak, Next Century Corp
Ms.  Zozscha Bomhardt, General Electric
Mr.  Matthew McGinnity, Regal Beloit Corporation
Ms. Lilian Johnson, Cornell University
Ms Joan  Worthington, HireVue
Ms. Denise Donohue, NetCraftsmen
Ms. Oana Tibu, CareFirst BlueCross Blueshield
Dr.  Claudia Pearce, National Security Agency
Dr.  Jacqueline Akinpelu, Johns Hopkins APL
Ms. Wyndolyn Alexander, Northrop Grumman
Mr.  Chris Liow, Allstate
Ms. Jackie Gorey, Legg Mason
Ms. Kristine Martz, Exelon Corporation
Ms. Terra Lyons, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Ms. Monica Koepper, Cisco Systems
Ms. Amber-Lee Brown, Northrop Grumman
Ms.  Paula Fetterman, FS-ISAC
Mr. Charles Davis, Asymmetrik
Ms. Ari Blenkhorn, UMBC
Dr. Janet Oren, Legg Mason
Ms. Xin Wang, Cisco Systems Inc.
Dr. Yatish Joshi, Cisco Systems Inc.

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor or Faculty Mentor? Please email Erica D’Eramo If you are interested in becoming an Industry Mentor please sign up here.