We are the CWIT Escape Room Committee!

What We Do:

Our goal is to create fun and captivating experiences for members of our community through the use of escape rooms. We host a variety of events throughout the year, utilizing differing formats, such as in person and virtual, for all types of play. We offer our services in both an entertaining as well as an informative capacity, helping to educate incoming members of the community through some of our events in a non typical and engaging way.

Who We Are:

Our committee is composed of two teams: the Creative Captains and the Iron Initiators. The Creative Captains work to design and create the escape rooms for our events, while the Iron Initiators advertise and plan the logistics. Together, the two teams create our committee striving for the ultimate goal of hosting successful events throughout the year for all to enjoy.

Examples of Our Work:

Click on some of the links below to try some of our virtual escape rooms that we have made in the past!
The Amazing Race
Escape the TV
Escape of the Decades
Fun at UMBC


Stay Tuned to the CWIT Google Calendar for Upcoming Events!!


Contact the Escape Room Lead, Danielle Rhoten, at for more information!