The Affiliates Programs exist to facilitate a strong sense of community and connection among students in the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT). We have two Affiliates Programs that fall under the Center for Women in Technology:

CWIT Affiliates are for all women and interested allies majoring in engineering and computing

Cyber Affiliates are for students majoring in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Systems with an interest in cybersecurity (and/or related fields such as data science and artificial intelligence)

CWIT & Cyber Affiliates get access to workshops that focus on your professional and personal development, networking and mentorship opportunities, the opportunity to attend conferences and gain presentation experience, as well as community and connection with other women and allies in COEIT who share the same passions. In addition, affiliates who participate in CWIT events have the opportunity to earn prizes based on their engagement with our community.

Register online to be a CWIT or Cyber Affiliate for the 2021-2022 school year! 


Click the image below to go to the myUMBC event page for each event:

Additional Ways to Get Involved in CWIT:

Cyber Practicum: Cyber Affiliates may also enroll in the Cyber Practicum zero credit, pass/fail class that meets on Fridays from 11am-12pm.  The class offers students a broad overview of the cyber industry through weekly guest lectures from cybersecurity professionals.  Topics range from technical talks to professional development advice and more. Space is limited. To enroll for Fall 2020 or to ask any questions, contact Cindy Greenwood at

Peer Mentoring: Freshmen and new transfer students can sign up to receive a peer mentor to help them navigate their major. You can sign up to be a mentor or mentee when registering to be an affiliate or contact Kate O’Keefe, Assistant Director.

CWIT Living Learning Community:  CWIT & Cyber Affiliates have the opportunity to live in the CWIT Living Learning Community (LLC), a residence hall floor filled with friendly, like-minded students, easy access to study groups with students in the same classes, and additional social, academic, and professional programs. Apply by May 1 through Residential Life.

Impact Workshop Series: The Impact Workshop Series is designed specifically for CWIT & Cyber Affiliates but is open to the entire CWIT family. These workshops focus on providing academic and professional skills that you can utilize throughout your UMBC career, as well as beyond. Information on upcoming workshops can be found here.

Additional Ways to Connect:

Contact Kate O’Keefe at with any questions about our Affiliates programs.