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Brave Spaces

What Is a Brave Space? A community space where different points on a journey of learning and growing are supported and engaged.

Community members engage in critical dialogue through conscious questioning and active listening. While all are expected to make their best effort to be respectful, there is an understanding that someone may say something that results in unintentional offense and hurt feelings for those around. A primary assumption of brave space is that everyone speaks with the positive intent of seeking greater knowledge and understanding. Click here to see our complete CWIT Brave Space Guidelines document.


First Year Experience (FYE) Course

Sophomore Leadership Series

Industry Mentoring Practicum

Cyber Practicum -open to all students

Allies in CWIT Practicum -open to all students

Mentor Experiences

Faculty Mentoring

Industry Mentoring

CWIT Peer Mentoring

Residential Life Experience

CWIT Living Learning Community

Activities & Events

New Scholar Retreat

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Monthly 1 on 1 Meetings with staff member

New Scholar Reception

Fall Career Networking Event

Welcome Back Social

Winter Retreat

Semester Cohort Meetings

K-12 Outreach Programs (BEST of CWIT, Bits & Bytes, Cyber 101, High School Visits)

Family Meetings

Pick Your Classes Event

CWIT Showcase

May Family Picnic

Stress Buster Event

Spring into Leadership Conference

Student Run Organizations

CWIT Student Council

Allies in CWIT