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CWIT Student Council

The CWIT Student Council creates opportunities for all Scholars and Affiliates to have fun throughout the year! Their mission is to foster a strong community through social events.

2018-2019 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Rebekah Kempske, C14 Mechanical Engineering
Vice President: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science
Secretary: Carly Heiner, C16 Computer Science
Treasurer: Timnit Tesfatsion, Affiliate Information Systems
Affiliates Representative: Simbiat Odeshina, Affiliate Information Systems
Historian: Emily Duan, C14 Mechanical Engineering
Freshman Representative: Coming soon!

2017-2018 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Hannah Aris, C13 Chemical Engineering
Vice President: Manika Sachdeva, Affiliate Computer Science
Secretary: Riya Gandhi, T5 Computer Science
Treasurer: Rebekah Kempske, C14 Mechanical Engineer
Affiliates Representative: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science
Freshman Representative: Carly Heiner, C16 Computer Science

2016-2017 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Hannah Corcos, C11 Mechanical Engineering
Vice President: Hannah Aris, C13 Chemical Engineering
Secretary: Sydney Menikheim, C12 Chemical Engineering
Treasurer: Nsikan Jacob, Affiliate Computer Engineering
Affiliates Representative: Manika Sachdeva, Affiliate Computer Science
Freshman Representative: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science