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CWIT Student Council

The CWIT Student Council creates opportunities for all Scholars and Affiliates to have fun throughout the year! Their mission is to foster a strong community through social events.

2020-2021 CWIT Student Council Officers

  President                                                          Vice President
      Frances Watson                                               Kavya Kavanakudy
      Major: Computer Science                                               Major: Computer Science
          CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Scholar, C16                                           Minor: Psychology
CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Scholar, C16

 Hello! I am Frances Watson and                                       Hello! My name is Kavya and I
am serving as the President of                                         am the Vice President of the
CWIT Student Council this year.                                       CWIT Student Council. My goal
Though we are virtual I hope                                             for the council this year to be
our council can create events                                           able to keep our community
for everyone to enjoy and have                                         connected no matter how far
fun. And a little fun fact is that I                                         apart we are. A fun fact about
know how to windsurf.                                                       me is I went skydiving and
                                                                                            canyoning on the same day.

    Secretary                                                                Treasurer
                     Cindy Quach                                                     Ouriel Ndalamba
                Major: Computer Engineering                                          Major: Chemical Engineering
            CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Scholar, C18                             CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Scholar, C18
      Hi guys! My name is Cindy                                           Hello, my name is Ouriel. I am
  Quach. I’m the Secretary of the                                     serving as the treasurer on the
     CWIT Student Council. My                                           CWIT Student Council. I hope
    primary goal is to bring new                                            to work with the entire CWIT
      events that will continue to                                               community to create a
     keep our community engaged                                        wonderful experience during
       and connected. A fun fact                                            the 2020-2021 academic year.
hi about me is that I love to travel.                                    A fun fact about me is French is
  my first language.
     Historian                                                  Affiliate Representative
        Shaniah Reece                                                     Elizabeth Stiller


   Major: Information Systems                                             Major: Mechanical Engineering
        CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Scholar, C18                                               Minor: Psychology
    CWIT Affiliation: CWIT Affiliate

Hi! I am Shaniah Reece and my                                            Hello! My name is Liz and I
role is Historian for the CWIT                                            represent the CWIT Affiliates on
 Student Council. My hope is                                              the Student Council. I want to
 that this year we can offer the                                         make sure that all members feel
 CWIT community the spirit of                                           that they are apart of CWIT and
inclusion and togetherness that                                         our growing community. A fun
 we are known to experience                                              fact about me is that I went to
while we are still together. A fun                                           regionals for my track team.
 fact about myself is that I can
do the Jamaican accent fairly well!


Freshman Representative Application: Coming Soon!

2019-2020 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Carly Heiner, C16 Computer Science
Vice President: Maddie Gruel, Affiliate Mechanical Engineering
Secretary: Zoee Leckron, C15 Computer Science
Treasurer: Maria-Deney Hawkins, C15 Computer Science
Affiliates Representative: Jessica Adams, Affiliate Mechanical Engineering
Historian: Simbiat Odeshina, Affiliate Information Systems

2018-2019 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Rebekah Kempske, C14 Mechanical Engineering
Vice President: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science
Secretary: Carly Heiner, C16 Computer Science
Treasurer: Timnit Tesfatsion, Affiliate Information Systems
Affiliates Representative: Simbiat Odeshina, Affiliate Information Systems
Historian: Emily Duan, C14 Mechanical Engineering
Freshman Representative: Coming soon!

2017-2018 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Hannah Aris, C13 Chemical Engineering
Vice President: Manika Sachdeva, Affiliate Computer Science
Secretary: Riya Gandhi, T5 Computer Science
Treasurer: Rebekah Kempske, C14 Mechanical Engineer
Affiliates Representative: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science
Freshman Representative: Carly Heiner, C16 Computer Science

2016-2017 CWIT Student Council Officers

President: Hannah Corcos, C11 Mechanical Engineering
Vice President: Hannah Aris, C13 Chemical Engineering
Secretary: Sydney Menikheim, C12 Chemical Engineering
Treasurer: Nsikan Jacob, Affiliate Computer Engineering
Affiliates Representative: Manika Sachdeva, Affiliate Computer Science
Freshman Representative: Jay McIntyre, Affiliate Computer Science