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Hannah Russell

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2020
Cyber, Y4

The Cyber Scholars Program and CWIT community have already impacted my life in so many ways. My senior year of high school I was very unsure of what major I wanted to pursue. I was worried that I did not have enough programming experience to be successful in a field like Computer Science, until I attended the Cyber 101 program hosted by CWIT. The program reassured me that women can be extremely successful in the field of technology and opened my eyes to cybersecurity. I am so grateful to now be a part of such a tight knit  and diverse community that is so supportive of each other. In my time spent here at UMBC my interest in cybersecurity has only grown. So far I have been given the opportunity to network with successful professionals, participate in the national cyber league, and gain relationships like Northrop Grumman. I am extremely excited to continue learning about cybersecurity, and hopefully give back by inspiring other high school students to strive for careers in technology.