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Sam Mendimasa

Majors: Computer Science with a focus in Computer Security
Expected Graduation Year: 2018

From a very young age, I have always loved programming, solving challenges that required critical thinking, and participating in environment-related activities. Hence, selecting my major and deciding to attend UMBC was an easy choice. I knew that attending UMBC would help me cultivate the necessary skills needed for success not only in my major but also for my other personal interests. Since coming to UMBC, I have not been disappointed. Although the course work can be difficult, I always have support from my peers and professors. Being a part of UMBC CWIT and the T-Site scholars program allows me to have a ton of people who I can turn to for help in any aspect of my life. The beauty of being a part of CWIT and attending UMBC is that there are so many interesting and amazing people from different backgrounds that you get to meet daily. Currently, I am a proud retriever, a junior computer science student, and an active environmental advocate. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a master’s degree also in Computer Science and work as a Cyber Software engineer.