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Tatiana Nikolaeva

Major: Computer Science
Expected Graduation Year: 2018

When I started taking classes at Catonsville Community College I was thinking about UMBC, and computer science major. It was more like dream because education at UMBC was too expensive for me. Also, I was afraid that Computer Science major could be too challenging. Now I am junior. With the help of CWIT community I have this opportunity to be UMBC student. I have good grades, and now I believe that I can go all the way. The constant support from Susan Martin, and Danyelle Ireland helped me to overcome all obstacles during especially stressful periods. From the moment I received T-SITE scholarship I never felt alone and helpless. This program gives me great support, and access to huge amount of different resources. I personally know a few young women who thought that education at university is something unachievable (especially in IT area). I have changed their opinion with my example. All possible with the help of CWIT community.