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Aidan Pare

T-SITE Scholar, T7
Major: Computer Engineering

Entering UMBC as a transfer student from CCBC I learned that college, especially community college, is what you make of it. Though I sometimes feel behind everyone else age-wise, I’ve taken the past couple years to truly figure out who I am, as well as decide on a major that fills me with a sense of purpose. Computers have always been a big part of my life, and I feel as the field of computer engineering is exactly where I belong. In my time at CCBC I also involved myself in a diverse number of activities and clubs including Cyber Club, Improv, Women’s Studies Club, and the Rainbow Club. To be successful, I feel as though involvement in one’s community is equally as important as dedication to one’s major. That is exactly why I became a member of the CWIT community. My experiences with the mentors, peers, and leaders of CWIT have been exceptional – even in just the process of migrating to and becoming acquainted with UMBC. I’ve never been more excited for the future, and I look forward to every second of the next couple years.