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Allison Lewis

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Expected Graduation Year: 2018
CWIT Scholar, C13

Both CWIT and UMBC have exposed me to key opportunities that have made me successful so far in my collegiate experience. The CWIT community has supported me academically, socially, and professionally as well as giving me lifelong friends that I am thankful for. I have enjoyed being a part of several planning committees for outreach and community programs in CWIT. Organizing events for other scholars, affiliates, and women in high school interested in engineering and IT, has allowed me to meet remarkable people and serve my community while spreading CWIT’s mission. During the past summer and winter breaks I’ve interned at Aberdeen Proving Ground working for the Aberdeen Test Center. ATC is responsible for testing all of U.S. Army equipment. I specifically tested body armor for soldiers. I enjoyed working for the government and plan to work there for now, and possibly after graduation.