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Anna Staats

CWIT Scholar, C16
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
Expected Graduation Year: 2021

UMBC has given me a variety of unique opportunities through the CWIT Scholars Program. CWIT has not only given me a great environment to meet people with similar goals as myself, but it has also enabled me to challenge myself both academically and in my extracurricular activities. CWIT runs events that have helped me choose what classes I will enroll in, connect with other scholars, and meet industry professionals. Currently, I am an intern for the MIL Corporation working in cyber security. In the future, I hope to work in Binary Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. I am also a member of the Running Club, Climbing Club, and Cyber Defense Team for UMBC. Although combining all these activities with a rigorous schedule is difficult, CWIT has given me a fantastic community of support. UMBC has been a blast thus far and CWIT has made those experiences even better.