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Caroline Kery

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics, Computer Science MS/BS program
Graduation: 2018
CWIT Scholar, C13

When I started college in 2014 all I knew was that I wanted to find a major that challenged me and allowed me to make a difference. Being part of the CWIT community helped me to feel a sense of belonging and purpose from day one. I was able to find great friends, and gain the confidence to pursue opportunities with research and internships. Now as a senior majoring in two topics I love (computer science and math), I am also heavily involved in the computer science education club, volunteer every week at the local thrift store/food bank, and recently got an internship at a nonprofit dedicated to data science for public good. These opportunities would not have been possible if I hadn’t been forced out of my shell early on by being part of the CWIT program. I’m excited to graduate in the Spring and hopefully continue on for my Master’s in Computer Science here at UMBC.