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Celestine Wong

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Social Welfare
Expected Graduation Year: 2018
CWIT Scholar C13

UMBC is a place for my passions to come to life. It is a school of opportunity and growth. Working locally or abroad, I can go with confidence knowing UMBC and CWIT have prepared me well. I know that I have a community that will cheer me on as I go explore and expand my passions.

There are many moments in my journey here at UMBC that I am grateful for. I’ve had the chance to try out many different things doing research at NIST, or going abroad to the University of Hong Kong to create e-learning tools. I’ve worked on campus as a TA for CMSC201 or a programmer at the Imaging Research Center to create UMBC’s social media platform, Retriever Stories! One of my most favorite experiences is organizing/directing UMBC’s annual hackathon, HackUMBC. I’ve grown tremendously through UMBC and CWIT, and am so excited to see all the more adventures to come!