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Cristina Fortiz

Major: Information Systems

Minor/Cert: Network Admin. Cert

Expected Graduation Year: 2017


One of the greatest parts about being an Information Systems major is that while I’m able to learn about technical side of computing (e.g. networking, programming, and hardware), I’m also able to learn about the “why” part of computing. I’ve taken multiple courses that examine how computing jobs are created and how big companies can successfully utilize technology. Last year, I was able to briefly work for the Department of Veterans Affairs and I also interned for the Department of Defense. The knowledge and experiences I’ve gained from the CWIT community is invaluable [thank you, CWIT]. First, I’ve been able to learn and practice my professional networking, which I think has somehow helped me land my network analyst position that I am really looking forward to after graduation. Second, being in CWIT meant to actively be involved in other student activities as well. I’ve participated in the Northrop Cyber Competition, and served as internal VP for ISCOM, and many other organizations. Lastly, being in CWIT has taught to never miss an opportunity for growth. Whether it’s a hard course, job interview or cyber competition, “you never fail until you stop trying.” Being a first-generation student, the youngest of 5 and the first in my family to major in a STEM field, it has not been a easy experience, but one in which I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve as successfully if I didn’t have the CWIT community helping me along the way. I’m so happy I was able to be a part of the CWIT community. I’ve learned many lessons about perseverance and overcoming obstacles that I could go on for hours. For now, thank you CWIT, and I look forward to taking on more and more opportunities as I graduate and begin my professional career.