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Elizabeth Emberger

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2021
CWIT Scholar, C16

Coming to UMBC from a twenty-person senior class in high school, I was terrified for the changes and challenges college would present, especially because I was coming from out of state. The CWIT community has provided me a family away from my family. I joined CWIT hoping it would help me make some friends with similar interests and because I knew I wanted to be in the STEM fields. Luckily for me, CWIT certainly has helped me make a best friend and future roommate who lives across the hall from me on the CWIT LLC. I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering because I aspire to become an Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company. I know that my CWIT family will continue to be there for me as I continue my journey through both college and life.