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Faith Madeoy Gault

Cyber Scholar, Y6

Major: Computer Science

Expected Graduation Year: 2022

My name is Faith Madeoy Gault, and I am a CWIT Cyber Scholar in my sophomore year at UMBC. My favorite part of being as Cyber Scholar is the amount of experience one gets by being in the program. The weekly practicums gave me the much-needed exposure to the cybersecurity industry in my freshman year, and I feel more confident in my field as a result. Additionally, the CWIT community does a wonderful job notifying members of co-curricular events, such as a cybersecurity challenge sponsored by Northrup Grumman. These activities allow for additional exposure to computing in a collaboration-based environment that a college course will probably not offer. Additional opportunities I would highly recommend getting involved in at UMBC include clubs such as the Game Developers Club, Cyber Defense Club, and Computer Science Education Club. UMBC is a great school that has many opportunities that you should not miss out on, and CWIT is one of them.