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JoHannah Couture

Major: Information Systems with Cybersecurity Analytics Certification

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Cyber Scholar, Y4

My college life has been unorthodox at best. After high school, I joined the US Army; when I returned from training, I worked for a year before I decided to start my degree. When I finally earned my Associate’s from AACC, there was no question that I would pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from UMBC, like my sister before me. I had almost no expectations, and certainly no friendships or sense of community to speak of. That all changed, thanks to CWIT and Cyber Scholars. I underestimated how much those two things would mean to me, and it’s made everything about college easier and less stressful. Another thing that I’ve been able to pursue at UMBC is a Cybersecurity Analytics certification, which ties right into my military career. The opportunities that have been made available to me at UMBC have allowed me to maintain a focus and a meaningful path. I’m excited to graduate, and hope that I can make the people at UMBC and at CWIT proud.