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Julianna Posey

CWIT Scholar, C14
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2019
Internships and Experiences: NOAA CREST Undergraduate Research Fellow, Cohort II; Mechanical Engineering Intern, Viasat, Inc. 

I chose to pursue Mechanical Engineering because I love math and physics, I love to build with my hands, and I love to knit. Throughout my time as a student at UMBC and as a member of the CWIT community, I have connected with peers, industry professionals, roommates, mentors, and professors who have taught me lessons about applying my passions to my goals. The coursework is incredibly challenging, but the CWIT Program is an overwhelmingly positive support system where each person is given the opportunity to build up their own personal strengths. After I earn my Bachelors, I plan to pursue a testing or design position in the aerospace industry, as well as my Masters degree, and eventually my PhD. My final goal is to be an astronaut.