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Karina Lopez

Cyber Scholar, Y7
Major: Computer Science

When I was a young girl I was curious about how computers worked. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up learning about computers, but I was always fascinated with the fact that these machines did things “by themselves.” Life, through my new parents, gave me an opportunity to study “computers” at UMBC. I was fortunate enough to be accepted at UMBC. As my major, I chose Computer Science. I think that studying the required classes for this major helped me understand what I wanted to know when I was a little girl i.e., how computers work. Last semester I had an experience with a required class that made me realize this major is, to me, quite challenging. At first I was a little intimidated, but after talking with my advisor, and a couple of other helpful and kind faculty from CWIT, my perspective changed. I learned about CWIT during orientation day and I decided to join the weekly Cyber Practicum course. It was thanks to this practicum that I got interested in learning about cyber security. Being a student at UMBC is a great experience by itself. I like the infrastructure, the environment, and the vast selection of courses offered. However, being accepted to the Cyber Scholar’s program has been my most exciting experience because I feel part of a community where women rock.