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Mariela Guardado-Martinelli

Cyber Scholar, Y5
Major: Computer Science
Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Computer Science is an interest I kind of stumbled upon. I had known for years that I wanted to pursue a STEM degree, but never seriously considered Computer Science. Then, in my senior year of high school, I took an introductory computer science course and everything changed. I loved that Computer Science was all logic and that it helps build your critical thinking, skills since you not only have to think about what you want to happen, but also how the machine will interpret what you say. Becoming a Cyber Scholar has helped solidify this passion and has also connected me to other women and minorities who have the same interest in the field. Having this connection is invaluable – CWIT has become like our own little bubble and when we are in it, we don’t feel like we are one person in a field that has a population that consists of roughly 80% male participants. Instead, we feel like being a woman/minority in this field is normal – and that sense of normalcy helps us succeed in our respective STEM fields.