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Maya Gupta

CWIT Scholar, C14
Major: Information Systems
Expected Graduation Year: 2019

My time and UMBC and in CWIT has been a great one – one that I know will continue during my remaining time here at UMBC. I chose to pursue a degree in Information Systems because of my desire to be in a technical major, but with a broader overview. I’m glad to know that I have not made the wrong choice, because the professors and classmates I’ve had in the past two years have been great. CWIT has made this experience even more supportive because of the community and resources it offers. Each CWIT scholar is offered a faculty mentor– I still talk with mine frequently. I even earned a research job through my engagements with her. The aspect of CWIT that can never be overlooked, however, is the community built with the various scholars and affiliates. It’s a very reassuring feeling to, when you’re walking to class, have multiple people from CWIT waving and saying “hi.”