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Michael Byers

Computer Engineering
Expected Graduation Year: 2017

UMBC and CWIT have enabled me to pursue a professional future and help others do the same. In high school I found my passion for engineering through an after school robotics team. Through connections made at UMBC I’ve been able to get internships with a handful of different companies, most recently Northrop Grumman. Thanks to our professional development training within CWIT I’ve been able to think critically about the different workplaces that I’ve seen, and then take that knowledge to my peers. How management treats their employees, if there’s a clear path to move and grow in, how open and accepting the environment is, what the working conditions are like, and so on. I let them know what sort of skills seem to be commonly required, things that would help them fill in their resume and their skillset to be more appealing candidates. I’m excited to be graduating soon and I am continuing to find new areas of study in my field. This semester I’m taking a special topics course on Neural Engineering and would like to marry that with my robotics experience to help create more natural and adaptive prosthetics. I also hope to give back where I found my start and mentor for a robotics team.