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Moustapha Tiam

Major: Computer Science major

Expected Graduation Year:  2017


First of all, I enjoy my classes and the professors that teach them. I think that computer science is the major of the future because nowadays technology is improving at an exorbitant pace. Being able to manipulate and have some programming skills will in coming years be the standards of recruitment for all big corporations. The best part about being part of the T-SITE community is the ability you have to rely on some people. I often refer to it as a second family because we work as a team and help other to overcome the multiple obstacles that a someone might have. In my own experience, T-SITE has helped to open my mind in many areas through the networking events and weekly meetings. These meetings are very helpful because it brings out real problem that you might have throughout your time in school and brings together other students who can relate. Another great factor is how the program helps me improve my academic performance. I’ve talked to other scholars that came before me and their insights have been true and very valuable.