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Olivia Amaral


Olivia Amaral, C18

Major: Computer Science

Expected Graduation Year: 2023

As a first-year computer science student learning about the different pathways available, I find the possibilities in how I can contribute to be endless and look forward to continuing my journey at UMBC. A great benefit of CWIT is having a peer mentor, in addition to a faculty mentor, where I have learned about their experiences and received valuable advice. I currently live in the CWIT Living Learning Community (LLC) with other freshmen in CWIT and it’s an experience I couldn’t get anywhere else. I am very thankful for the community and for the friends I’ve met in the LLC. As a CWIT K-12 Ambassador, I am mentoring a high school senior interested in computer science. I enjoy giving advice and answering her questions. Finally, as the vice president of the UMBC Women’s Club Soccer team, I have gained new friendships, had my love for the game restored, and has helped me develop my leadership skills as well.