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Riya Gandhi

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

Graduation Year: 2018

T-SITE Scholar, T5

Hello! I am a transfer student from Montgomery College where I got my Associates Degree in Computer Science. I just came to this country 3 years ago. CWIT and the T-SITE Scholars program have really helped me with the transition from a community college to the university. My favorite part was the Scholars retreat in Summer 2016, where I made friends even before the first day of classes at this new university. I was also a General Body Chair of the Student Events Board (seb) here, and I was also a Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics tutor. This year I am peer facilitating the First Year Experience class which is mandatory for the new scholars in our CWIT community, and I am enjoying doing that. It is a completely new experience for me and I love it. This year, I am also the Secretary of the CWIT Student Council, where one of the things we do is to foster a strong community through social events and bridging the gap between scholars, affiliates and associates in CWIT. I encourage each one of you to grab all the wonderful opportunities CWIT and UMBC have, and when it’s your turn, give back to the communities that supported you (like I do), so that they can grow and other students like you can dare to dream!