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Robert King

T-SITE Scholar, T7
Major: Computer Science
Expected Graduation: 2020

After transferring from CCBC with my Associate’s Degree, I am proud to be pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree at UMBC! With my major being Computer Science, I am focusing more on the software development side of the program. My interest lies within exploring the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality, and making them not only for applications such as gaming, but also allowing them to be more practical for everyday living. After being accepted into the T-SITE Scholars program and seeing the endless amount of opportunities that I will be able to take part in, I realized that my goal is not so far off anymore. I have been able to make it this far not only due to hard work, but also due to the support from my family, friends, and professors. My hobbies include gaming, listening to music, playing the piano, running, playing soccer and programming. Words cannot describe my excitement for my time at UMBC while being part of the CWIT community, as I know I will create life lasting relationships and skills that will further make a positive impact on my life.