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Scott Bohon

Major: Computer Engineering, Communications Track

Expected Graduation Year: 2018

Cyber Scholar, Y2

In a society where computing instruments are ubiquitous, having the knowledge to understand and control these instruments is both enlightening and empowering. From a young age I enjoyed tinkering with computers, and this interest steadily grew into my current passion for computer engineering. Computer engineering allows me to explore the dual aspects of the computing field, the physical hardware that makes the computers tick as well as the software “brain” of the computer. As I have progressed through my major, I have begun to explore additional avenues of computing in the communications track, learning about communications systems and signals processing. As a Cyber Scholar, I have also been engaged in dialogue regarding the importance of cybersecurity. Given that computer engineers are often interacting with information and computing systems, it is critical to ensure that these systems remain secure to preserve their integrity. Over the summer of 2016 I was a cybersecurity intern at Textron Systems, learning about the cybersecurity accreditation process, engaging in the implementation of security measures, and assisting in the maintenance of compliant security posture. Overall, I believe that by aligning my passion for computers with my choice of degree and engagement in the scholars community, I have immersed myself in an environment that encourages personal and professional development and success.