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Shrabani Debnath

T-SITE Scholar, T7
Major: Computer Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2020

I have been always passionate about computers and technology. So, I decided to be a computer engineer. I am very honored and fortunate to be a part of the CWIT community. This is my first year at UMBC. I completed my associates degree at AACC and going to finish my degree at UMBC. I feel CWIT community is the right place where I can get all the support and guidance I need to become a successful computer engineer in very near future. From the interview day, CWIT community members have been helping me all the way they can, from choosing a perfect class schedule for me and making me more familiar with UMBC and it’s resources. After being a part of the CWIT community I realized the true meaning of a community where every member is there for each other. I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in computer engineering field under the shade of CWIT and be able to proudly represent UMBC and CWIT family to everyone.