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Stephanie Saloka

Major: Computer Engineering

Minor: Mathematics


Graduation Year: 2020

CWIT Scholar, C15

Home, to me, is a place where I surround myself with family and learn my purpose. UMBC is truly my home; I am spending time with my CWIT family and discovering where I belong in this world through my classes and extracurricular activities. Living in the CWIT-LLC has solidified this familial bond. The floor has the perfect combination of academic and social focuses. Everyone is so willing to help and support each other. The CWIT community and my classes at UMBC are helping me discover my purpose in this world. I have always loved math and science and decided to pursue a Computer Engineering major. I also want to encourage young girls to study in technological fields and help balance the ratio of men to women in STEM fields. The CWIT community at UMBC is helping me combine my passion and career by earning my degree while participating in outreach events for CWIT. CWIT also has provided me with the opportunity to attend a CWIT run networking event that led to my summer internship at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory my freshman year and an offer to return the following summer.