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Tatiana Nikolaeva

Major: Computer Science
Expected Graduation Year: 2018
T-SITE Scholar, T4

I was born and raised in Omsk, Russia. I came to America 6 years ago without any knowledge of English, so naturally the first and most important thing on my agenda was to learn the language. Since my hobby had always been reading books it helped me a great deal in my new country. I started reading books in English, the decision which eventually had translated into some success with my ability to communicate in the completely new environment. After about a year in America I got accepted into Catonsville Community College. Having studied over at CCBC for about two years I applied to UMBC to major in Computer Science and to the T-Site Scholarship. Today I am a rising senior at UMBC and T-site Scholar. I am getting closer to my end goal, which is to work full time in the IT industry. My hobbies besides reading are: watching movies (science fiction is my favorite genre), music, art in general, cooking, travelling, walking the streets of new cities (New York especially), ice cream, sushi, coffee, and many other things.