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Tsegaye Abreha


Tsegaye Abreha
T8 Scholar
Computer Science Major
Math Minor

This is my first semester here at UMBC after receiving my Associate’s Degree from CCBC. Transferring from community college to a four college is a very intimidating and overwhelming process. But CWIT made my transition very easy and I am very honored to be part of the community. During the CWIT summer retreat, I felt like I was already in my first semester, because I got to know all the members of the community and learned a lot about CWIT as well as UMBC. Because of CWIT, I am involved in a lot of clubs and organizations, and participated in Cypi competition, which I highly recommend to anyone who likes to challenge themselves and work in a team. Words can’t describe how excited and honored I am to be a part of such a caring and supportive community, and I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the community as well as other campus activities.