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We are excited to introduce our new engagement reward program, techpoints, for CWIT and Cyber Affiliates! This program is designed to help give you a more well-rounded experience with our programs and prepare you with the skill sets of a budding professional.

Our events are centered around 4 categories:

  1. Community Building: Welcome Back Socials, Affiliates Retreat, Lunch with your Major, Stress Buster Events, Specific Impact Workshops

  2. Academic Success: Lunch with your Major, Pick Your Classes, Stress Buster Events, Cyber Practicum, Specific Impact Workshops

  3. Professional Development: Fall Career Networking, Panel for Female Leaders, Spring into Leadership, CWIT Showcase (attending only), Specific Impact Workshops

  4. Outreach, Volunteering & Planning: Serve as a CWIT Lead, Volunteer with K-12 Inititatives, Attend a conference with CWIT, serve on an event-planning committee, participate in peer mentoring as a mentor or mentee, CWIT Showcase (presenting only)

We encourage you to attend at least one event in each category for the ultimate CWIT experience. The rewards you receive are based on your level of attendance as followed:

  • Level 1 (attend one event in each of the first three categories): Earn your CWIT Affiliates Drawstring Bag
  • Level 2 (reach Level 1 + participate in peer mentoring or other Category 4 activity):  Earn your CWIT Affiliates TShirt
  • Level 3 (reach Level 2 + participate in an additional Category 4 activity): Entrance into a raffle to win technology-related prizes
  • Level 4 (reach Level 3 + another Category 4 activity + attend two additional events from any category):  Receive a certificate as well as an end-of-year celebration in your honor!

After receiving an email on your new level, come by the CWIT office to claim your prize!