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Emily Yu

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Creative Writing

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

CWIT Scholar, C14

My two favorite things in the world involve technology and story-telling. As a current junior at UMBC majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Creative Writing, these two seemingly disparate areas collide, challenging me every day to think outside of the box and explore uncharted territory. CWIT has played a monumental role in encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. I’ve formed friendships with a multitude of scholars and affiliates, and developed my confidence. I’m also fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the Grace Hopper Conference through CWIT and further improve my networking skills. This past summer, I interned at Prime Solutions, LLC and on a team, simulated a piece of malware. I’m currently a Computer Science 201 teaching assistant, and I’ve loved being able to introduce students to Computer Science for the first time. This upcoming summer, I’ll be working as a Technology Analyst Intern for JPMorgan Chase. I’m undoubtedly excited to see where my academic and professional careers take me!